A “Única Resposta Correta” – A Quadratura do Círculo e a Razoabilidade da Decisão Judicial

Abstract: The article examines Ronald Dworkin’s thesis about the existence of “one right answer” in process of law. After, the examine focusses on the mathematical problem of squaring the circle, in order to realize that even in the mathematics, exact science par excellence, it is not always possible an exact answer. Further, it is argued that the target must be toward for a judicial decision that can be considered as reasonable, which, yes, can be accomplishment. This, in turn, depends on a rapprochement between Laws of Science and Justice. Only with the Laws of Science, endowed with strong criteria, empirical and rational, is possible to obtain and measure the reasonableness of the judicial decision.
Keywords: “One Right Answer” – Squaring the Circule – Judicial Decision Reasonable.


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